Testnet Setup

Note: This document is incomplete and may not be up-to-date with the state of the code.

See the installation guide for details on installation.

Here is a quick example to get you off your feet:

First, generate a couple of genesis transactions to be incorparated into the genesis file, this will create two keys with the password 1234567890

gaiad init gen-tx --name=foo --home=$HOME/.gaiad1
gaiad init gen-tx --name=bar --home=$HOME/.gaiad2
gaiacli keys list

Note: If you’ve already run these tests you may need to overwrite keys using the --OWK flag When you list the keys you should see two addresses, we’ll need these later so take note. Now let’s actually create the genesis files for both nodes:

cp -a ~/.gaiad2/config/gentx/. ~/.gaiad1/config/gentx/
cp -a ~/.gaiad1/config/gentx/. ~/.gaiad2/config/gentx/
gaiad init --gen-txs --home=$HOME/.gaiad1 --chain-id=test-chain
gaiad init --gen-txs --home=$HOME/.gaiad2 --chain-id=test-chain

Note: If you’ve already run these tests you may need to overwrite genesis using the -o flag What we just did is copy the genesis transactions between each of the nodes so there is a common genesis transaction set; then we created both genesis files independently from each home directory. Importantly both nodes have independently created their genesis.json and config.toml files, which should be identical between nodes.

Great, now that we’ve initialized the chains, we can start both nodes in the background:

gaiad start --home=$HOME/.gaiad1  &> gaia1.log &
gaia start --home=$HOME/.gaiad2  &> gaia2.log &

Note that we save the PID so we can later kill the processes. You can peak at your logs with tail gaia1.log, or follow them for a bit with tail -f gaia1.log.

Nice. We can also lookup the validator set:

gaiacli validatorset

Then, we try to transfer some steak to another account:

gaiacli account <FOO-ADDR>
gaiacli account <BAR-ADDR>
gaiacli send --amount=10steak --to=<BAR-ADDR> --name=foo --chain-id=test-chain

Note: We need to be careful with the chain-id and sequence

Check the balance & sequence with:

gaiacli account <BAR-ADDR>

To confirm for certain the new validator is active, check tendermint:

curl localhost:46657/validators

Finally, to relinquish all your power, unbond some coins. You should see your VotingPower reduce and your account balance increase.

gaiacli unbond --chain-id=<chain-id> --name=test

That’s it!

Note: TODO demonstrate edit-candidacy Note: TODO demonstrate delegation Note: TODO demonstrate unbond of delegation Note: TODO demonstrate unbond candidate